Wedding Services

Wedding Services & Bridal Portraiture
Whether you’ve decided on a large and elaborate celebration or something a little more modest, we're sure you already appreciate that one of the key elements contributing to the success of the day will be your choice of photographer.

We understand this and, knowing that it will be one of the most important days of your lives, we will wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to recording your most memorable and cherished moments, along with the sheer fun and excitement of your day.

We also realise that you have 1001 other things to plan and organize, which is why we prefer to keep the packages and options we offer to a sensible and readily digestible level. Many photographers offer a mind-boggling array of choices. Not having studio premises to run, and to pay for, we are able to provide an outstanding service but at realistic prices - please ask for a copy of our pricelist.

We offer a range of photographic styles (from the Classic and Formal through to Contemporary, "Reportage" and even "High-Fashion") and are happy to give guidance and recommendations as to which styles, or combination thereof, would be best suited to your occasion and venue. Plus, in the event that you have something a little different in mind we are willing and able to provide a completely bespoke service, tailored to your wishes with a precise schedule of photographs, if required.

No matter if you've been engaged six days or six years, we are currently pleased to offer a complimentary "Engagement" shoot once your wedding booking has been made, details on request.


What you can expect from us;

Our aim is to delight you with the results of our work and we can only do this if we provide you with a first class, personal service from start to finish.

We undertake to be straightforward and honest in all our dealings. Any advice we are asked to give will always be in the clients’ best interests, not necessarily our own.

We will never be under pressure to get to "the next wedding on the list" - Indeed, we are pleased to give you our assurance that yours will be the ONLY assignment, of any kind, that we undertake on your special day. So, whether there are unforeseen changes to the arrangements or perhaps those additional photographs that you require (within the terms of the contract of course), we will not leave until we know that are you are entirely happy - we want the photographs you hope for to be the ones you end up with.

Our photographer, Simon, is smart, punctual and diligent. Working in a friendly, yet thoroughly professional, manner he and his assistant(s) will work with the minimum of fuss to ensure that all the required photographs are taken without causing undue delay to the proceedings and celebrations. In addition to those photographs you've specifically asked for, our aim will be to capture a photographic story as the days' events unfold.

Our albums are supplied by UK companies. The album design itself is usually undertaken inhouse by Po>Go Photographic, the photographs having been specially selected by the Bride and Groom, with advice from us.

For effect, photographs selected for your album may be digitally enhanced - this is included in the price. A number of our competitors charge an additional fee for this service.

Processing and Printing is highly specialised and we readily admit that the work is better done by the experts. Therefore, we have a standing arrangement with a professional laboratory who conduct any additional processing and printing on our behalf.

Liability Insurance. Po>Go Photographic is covered for damage or harm for which it is deemed responsible. A copy of the policy terms is available on request.


How to book;

If you'd like to chat to us before taking things further we'd be delighted to hear from you on 07973 431386. Or, if you'd prefer, you can simply contact us (via the page provided) in order to receive an information pack which includes our pricelist. Should you then wish to arrange a consultation with our photographer, Simon will be pleased to visit you in order to discuss your requirements. Although you are under absolutely no obligation at this stage we would ask you to bear in mind that we are unable to reserve dates for longer than two calendar weeks unless a firm booking is made.

Also, whilst we will gladly discuss our pricing, either over the phone or by email, we believe that it's always better to arrange a meeting in order to talk things through. It allows us to become acquainted, present some examples of our work and provide an explanation of our prices. This also gives you an ideal opportunity to assess whether, or not, you feel you've found the right photographer for your very special occasion. We take no offence should you feel this is not the case.