Portraits & Portfolios

Our Portrait services are aimed at the creation of "interesting", stylish and contemporary portraits.


If you're looking for something ...











Downright Silly!?

... then don't hesitate to give us a call.


We design your Portraits to suit you - we do not expect you to simply turn up and pose to a set formula imposed by us. Neither are our portrait services charged "by the hour", a shoot ends when we feel that we've captured the images you're after.


"Lifestyle", or "Environmental", portraiture refers to the idea of photographing a client in his or her own surroundings, or one of their choosing. For instance, if you'd like us to get some memorable shots of you and/or friends and family riding (horses/motorbikes/unicycles (!) etc.), or in the garden, or rock climbing, or at the beach, or decorating your Christmas tree, or even playing hopscotch! - the options are almost endless - we'll arrange to "shoot" you doing just that.


Our Portfolio services are aimed at actors, models or dancers in need of a complete set of presentation images - see a selection of samples in our Portfolios gallery. Please phone for details and prices.


For further information please contact us on 07973 431386, or via the page provided.